Mission Document

The “தமிழ் வெளியீட்டுக் கழகம்” was formed in 1961 taking the welfare of the school students into consideration in order to enrich Tamil language and to provide the students with books translated into Tamil in the Higher Education and publishing original and translated books of Tamil. So far we have published 1016 books related to Higher Education. These books are published under the title of 32 subjects namely Engineering, Medicine, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Geography, Biology, Psychology, Anthropology, Politics, Statistics, Law, Commerce, Corporate Banking, Astronomy, Tamil, History etc..

This organisation was called as under the names of “Tamil Nadu Text book Society” and “Tamil Nadu text book Corporation”. Recently its name has been changed as Tamil Nadu text book and Educational Services Corporation.

A new publication section has been created to serve the students and the public who are interested in reading books.

In the ancient time, rare and unique books were written but they are hardly available at present. The corporation has decided to search and restore these books and make them available in all the general libraries in the entire state. In addition to it the corporation has planned to make arrangements to download the books online for the benefit of the Tamilians all over the world.

The Tamil Nadu Text book Corporation has decided to reprint many of the books which are selected by the experts in the concerned departments and they are going to be conserved for documentation purpose.

Most of the Books under 32 titles are prepared before many years, so now the corporation is attempting to select and update the books which require updation according to the opinion of experts from different departments. These books are going to be given a new, contemporary form in printing and in publication.

On behalf of the corporation 1016 books were printed so far, among those printed books, all the available books have been digitalised and digitalised books will be available for reprint as per Print on Demand method.

Updation of the subject matter is the need of the hour, considering this the corporation has decided to bring out revised editions of selected Nationalised Books with do value addition.

Considering the changing scenario and requirements of the students in Higher Education, the books which were published long back are to be modified according to the current needs in colleges and universities.

It is crucial for the students of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to inculcate skills in extracurricular activities. To meet this need the corporation has planned to publish books pertaining to develop the soft skills and other micro skills of the students community.

“Excellent Library Service at Less Cost “ service has been launched with the objective of making the daily, monthly, fortnight magazines and journals easily accessible to all sort of people at the cost of Rs.1024 Crores in 352 libraries in 32 districts.

The corporation has decided to contribute Rs. 1295 Crores to fulfil the needs of the readers in Anna Centenary Library who are aspiring to appear for the civil service examinations. It is decided to translate the Higher Education books based on the curriculum of different universities.

Books in the departments of Law, Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Science, Yoga, Siddha, Ayurvedic, Fisheries and Physical Education are translated into English for the benefit and convenience of the concerned departments and students.

To facilitate the understanding of Tamil medium students who are entering into professional, Arts & Science College education, this division is going to translate many books from English to Tamil for this purpose corporation is going to sign MOUs with reputed publishers like McGraw till Oxford penguin etc..

In order to encourage the Tamil medium education in Higher Education, the books in Medicine, Engineering, Law, Arts and Science, Information Technology, Mass Media, Visual Communication are translated into Tamil from English, with the help of veteran translators.

A remarkable endeavour has been made in developing the child literature. To bring out the hidden potential of the school students as well as to enhance and widen the teaching experience of the teachers “THEN CHITTU and KANAVU AASIRIAR “ monthly magazines are planned to be published respectively.

Non official Members of the Academic Committee

The Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation is an Autonomous Body registered under the Society act. The Constitution of this corporation has been recognised already. The Board of Governors is the main executive body to frame rules to execute the corporation activities according to the policy of the Government.

The Academic Committee which is formed under the rule of 39(ii) is patronising and giving all kinds of relevant suggestions.

This committee suggests the names of the experts in framing curriculum and language related aspects.

Presently the Board of Governors has consented the Academic Committee to reprint & revise the rare books, already published by TNTB & ESC and to publish the new books for higher education so as to make the students learn easily in their mother tongue (Tamil). This has taken up the in charge to restore and preserve the rare and valuable Tamil books.

It is very vital to reform the Academic Committee which is acting under the Board of Governors to update and execute their work which is necessary for the present requirements in order to enhance the tasks of this Committee. The Board of Governors approved to increase its members from 20 to 25.

As mentioned above the following scholars and veteran personalities are included in the committee as non official members of the publication division. They are offering valid suggestions for enhancing and updating the publications.

Name of the Non official members as follows.

  • Professor. M. Anandha Krishnan, Former Vice Chancellor,Anna University, Chennai.
  • Professor. L. Balagurusamy , Former Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.
  • Thiru R. Bala Krishnan, I.A.S, Additional Chief Secretary, Odissa
  • Thiru Mayilsamy Annadurai, Director, ( ISRO ), Bangaluru.
  • Professor. Sirpi. Bala Subramaniam, Poet.
  • Thiru A.R. Venkatachalapathy, Research Scholar.
  • Thiru S.Ramakrishnan, Writer.
  • Thiru Trotsky Marudhu, Artist.
  • Thirumathi Geetha, Translator, Social Researcher.
  • Professor. S. Madasamy, Educationalist.
  • Thiru Ayisha Natarajan, Educationalist.
  • Thiru Badri Seshathri, Publisher
  • Thiru S.Ramakrishnan, Writer.
  • Thiru P.K.Saravanan, IFS, Writer.